Friday, March 16, 2007

Arts Council Oystercard Covers

I was commissioned by the General Public Agency to produce 1000 knitted Travelcard covers for an Arts Council project. This was to commemorate the Art Council's 60th anniversary. These are being given out to the public across England this month.

A little quote from the Arts Council Website:
“In the Europe of the 21st century, a world of sleek functionality and silver gadgets, hand-made objects are becoming a rarity. These knitted wallets, each one a little different, turn mass-production on its head and subvert the concept of the mass-produced goods. Each item reflects something of the individuality of the handful of women who created them. So it is that a simple everyday item is transformed with a dash of absurdity and colour and a pair of knitting needles.”

Quilts Never Sleep

Quilts Never Sleep was a show of hand-made quilts held at Exhibit, London. The quilts all have holes in so that you can wear them like a kimono, or wrap yourself up still having your arms free to knit or make a cup of tea. The exhibition was on for 6 weeks and was accompanied by 2 films. The First, Quilts Never Sleep was created by Dan Canyon (the version here is shortened for your viewing pleasure!) and stars residents of Golden Lane Estate, London. The second, Empty Space Eats Man was created by Fred Scott and is like a silent ballet. I hope you enjoy them and Stay Warm!

Quilts Never Sleep

Empty Space Eats Man

Welcome to Being Buffy

About 3 years ago I started making a range of scarves entitled ‘For Figaro’ (a homage to our dead cat). It all happened by accident really, I had found these wools in an old mill in the foothills of the massif Central in France. The wools were beautiful and mad and we were told that they used to supply many of the Parisian Fashion Houses like Chanel. Since then I’ve had about 5 shows at various places (including the Old Curiosity shop - the oldest shop in London) and sold over 200 pieces.